ADP Design Tour & 

"Cross the Line" ADP Int'l Joint Exhibition

In year 2017, we hold “ADP Design Tour” in Bangkok, Thailand and Tokyo, Japan.

24th May - 6th June, 2017        ADP Design Tour in Bangkok, Thailand

24th May - 6th June, 2017        ADP Design Tour in Bangkok, Thailand

25th - 31st October, 2017        ADP Design Tour in Tokyo, Japan

25th - 31st October, 2017        ADP Design Tour in Tokyo, Japan

In year 2018, we will hold “ADP Design Tour” in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo.

Next coming event :

19th - 25th April, 2018        ADP Design Tour in Hong Kong


ADP Design Tour in Hong Kong

April 19th - 25th, 2018

Jockey Club Innovation Tower & Hotel ICON, Hong Kong

Exhibition Period:2018.04.19(Thursday)- 2018.04.25(Wednesday)
Exhibition Venue:Jockey Club Innovation Tower(Designed by Renowned Zaha Hadid Architects)
Date of Events:2018.04.19(Thursday)
Venue of Events:Jockey Club Innovation Tower & 5-star Hotel ICON
Events:International Designer Joint Exhibition, Media Interviews, Exclusive Dining Party for Designers and Design-related Business Representatives, etc.

Event Hightlights

  • Exhibition in Jockey Club Innovation Tower Designed by Renowned Zaha Hadid Architects

  • Exhibitors Will be Interviewed by Lots of Media

  • Exhibitors Will be Invited to an Exclusive Dining Party for Designers and Business Representatives

  • Exhibitors Can Interact with Business Representatives and Find the Business Opportunities

  • Network with Excellent Designers from the World 

Event Locations


Jockey Club Innovation Tower

Designed by the well-known Zaha Hadid Architects, Jockey Club Innovation Tower is a fifteen-storey structure providing 15,000 square meters of floor area and accommodating up to 1,800 students and staff per day.

建築女王Zaha Hadid設計的賽馬會創新樓外觀(照片來源:Iwan Baan).jpg
五星級酒店Hotel ICON大廳(照片來源:Hotel ICON).JPG

5-star Hotel ICON

Designed by famous local architects, the stylish Hotel ICON enjoys harbour views in Tsimshatsui East Kowloon. It presents a rooftop outdoor heated pool, pampering spa services and a health club.

五星級酒店Hotel ICON宴會廳(照片來源:Hotel ICON).jpg

Ballroom of Hotel ICON

Hotel ICON's architectural design was performed by Hong Kong-based Rocco Design Architects Ltd., which was awarded the 2011 Hong Kong Institute of Architects Medal of the Year of Hong Kong for this work. 


Event Schedule

Coming Soon

ADP International Joint Exhibition Caught a lot of Media Attention.jpg


Why Choose ADP Design Tour?

● Held by the Only Cross- spectrum Design Association in Asia

● A Great Chance to Enter Foreign Market in Asia and the World

● Increase Media Exposure

● Expand Market Area

● Network with Designers and Design-related Industry Professionals

● Find Potential Business Opportunities

A part of attendees in front of T-LOTUS M Conference Hall.jpg

Benefits as an ADP Member

  1. Local/international media exposure to a certain extent through regular events, exhibitions and press releases.
  2. Certification courses related to all fields, registration priority of tour lectures on design, exhibition in the major cities in Asia-Pacific.
  3. Enhanced networking between members and resource integration.
  4. Commercial consulting service and business opportunities.
  5. Conduct background checks on designers and/or design firms to ensure members have enough information before going in to a partnership.
  6. Communicate and cooperate with other important international design organizations through ADP.
  7. Periodically receive industry- related information.

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