ADP Design Tour

Cross the Line - ADP Joint Exhibition

In year 2017, we hold two “ADP Design Tour” events in Bangkok, Thailand and Tokyo, Japan.

24th May - 6th June, 2017        ADP Design Tour in Bangkok, Thailand

25th - 31st October, 2017        ADP Design Tour in Tokyo, Japan

Each tour includes ADP Joint Exhibition, Dinner Party with Media & Business Organizations and Level A Certification Course.


ADP Design Tour in Bangkok has been widely reported by different kinds of media: 

TV channels such as Thai PBS and CH3; Newspapers such as Bangkok Post, Bangkok Today, KrungThep Thurakij; Online Magazine such as Happening Mag, Esquire and B-Connect Magazine; Online media such as Designer Hub, Bagnkok Biz News, Nation Multimedia, Destination Thailand News, Post Up News, iURBAN, Variety C, Newswit, Siam Advisor, Be News Online and many others.


ADP Design Tour in Bangkok did not only attracts media's attention, but also caught some potential clients' eyes.



Event Hightlights

  • Exhibition in Tokyo Design Hotspot - Tennōzu Isle

  • Exhibition in Warehouse TERRADA designed by Kengo Kuma

  • Exhibition in Warehouse TERRADA - Largest Art Storage Company & Trendy Event Venue

  • Media Interviews, Design Tour in Warehouse TERRADA & Tennōzu Isle

  • Lunch Party with Designers and Business Representatives

  • Gain Media Exposure, Expand the Market, Network with Designers and Gain More Design Inspirations

"Cross the Line - ADP Joint Exhibition" will be located in Tokyo design hotspot - "Tennōzu Isle", and the location is the Warehouse TERRADA, which wooden exterior was designed by famous Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma (隈研吾). 

Warehouse TERRADA was a warehouse to store rice after the Second World War, but renovated as a warehouse to store architectural model, artwork, paintings and an event venue.


Except for holding a designer joint exhibition on "Tennōzu Isle" which is full of art atmosphere, ADP also organizes media interview, lunch party for designers and business representatives and Design Tour In Warehouse TERRADA & Tennōzu Isle to satisfy every need of designers, such as to gain media exposure, expand the market area, network with designers from other countries and gain more design inspirations.

Event Locations


Largest Art Storage Company & trendy Event Venue


Warehouse TERRADA headquarter building is only 4 minutes walk from the Tennozu Isle Station. The exterior of this building was made of wood and designed by one of the most famous Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma(隈研吾). It's used for multipurpose such as a wine store, an art storehouse, an office, an event space and so on.



Event Schedule


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Why Choose ADP Design Tour?

1. It's held by the first cross- spectrum design association in Asia.
2. More than 40 Media reports ADP Design Tour in Bangkok, and the amount is still increasing (It takes longer time for magazines until it's published).
3. We do receive some request of potential business opportunities after events.
4. You'll be invited to attend Level A Certification Course by the influential international and award-winning designers.
5. You will get one year free ADP membership.
6. A great opportunity to enter the foreign market by exhibiting your works in most international cities in Asia.


Benefits as an ADP Member

  1. Local/international media exposure to a certain extent through regular events, exhibitions and press releases.
  2. Certification courses related to all fields, registration priority of tour lectures on design, exhibition in the major cities in Asia-Pacific.
  3. Enhanced networking between members and resource integration.
  4. Commercial consulting service and business opportunities.
  5. Conduct background checks on designers and/or design firms to protect ADP member and ensure members have enough information before going in to a partnership.
  6. Communicate and cooperate with other important international design organizations through ADP.
  7. Periodically receive industry- related information.

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