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ADP Design Tour

Cross the Line - ADP Joint Exhibition

In year 2017, we hold “ADP Design Tour” in Bangkok, Thailand and Tokyo, Japan.

24th May - 6th June, 2017        ADP Design Tour in Bangkok, Thailand

25th - 31st October, 2017        ADP Design Tour in Tokyo, Japan


In year 2018, we will hold “ADP Design Tour” in Hong Kong, Munich, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo.

Next coming event :

2018 Spring, ADP Design Tour in Hong Kong



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Event Schedule

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Why Choose ADP Design Tour?

1. It's held by the first cross- spectrum design association in Asia.
2. Dozens of Media visited and reported ADP Design Tour. A great chance to increase media exposure.
3. We do receive some request of potential business opportunities after events.
4. You will get one year free ADP membership.
5. A great opportunity to enter the foreign market by exhibiting your works in most international cities in Asia.

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Benefits as an ADP Member

  1. Local/international media exposure to a certain extent through regular events, exhibitions and press releases.
  2. Certification courses related to all fields, registration priority of tour lectures on design, exhibition in the major cities in Asia-Pacific.
  3. Enhanced networking between members and resource integration.
  4. Commercial consulting service and business opportunities.
  5. Conduct background checks on designers and/or design firms to protect ADP member and ensure members have enough information before going in to a partnership.
  6. Communicate and cooperate with other important international design organizations through ADP.
  7. Periodically receive industry- related information.

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