Yong Qing Liu

Chairman of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association, Founder of Huathink, one of the 10 Most Creative People of the Year, judge of Best Global Brand Prix in Italy, Guest font designer of Founder, Type Course Leader of Master Program at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and visiting professor of several universities. 

He has provided integrated design service for the brands of over 300 companies, among which 48 are listed companies. 

His design has won numerous awards in design competitions of China an abroad, including:
Good Design Award, Visual Communication Award of Shenzhen Creative Design Awards, First Prize of Golden Pin Design Awards, Nomination of Global Design of the Year for Tokyo TDC13, Best Graphic Design of the First China Design Exhibition, Best Design of Global Image Design of the Year, 2 Silver Awards and 2 Bronze Awards of HKDA22 Global Design Awards, Best Cultural Design and Association Awards of GDC11, Grand Prix and 4 Excellence Award of IDE, Nominations of the 11th an 12th China National Arts Exhibition, Golden Award of China’s Brand Design Yearbook, Silver Award of the 5th international Logo Biennial Awards, Excellence Award of Taiwan International Poster Design Biennale, and GDC07 Silver and Bronze Awards. 

His works have been exhibited in and collected by various institutions in Germany, the US. the UK, France, Australia, Russia, Barcelona Spain, South Korea, Japan, Warsaw Poland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.