Hiroyuki Kikuchi

Founder of Toki Architectural office.


Toki Architectural office

Since 1984, based in Tokyo Japan.

A professional group of designs especially kindergartens and nurseries.

Toki Architectural office supports all duties to the needs of the customer from the first step of planning until the building completion with full using of the supporting system to be derived from a country.

Toki Architectural office has created over 350 spaces for children all over Japan and also the projects in China and Thailand had been starting.

Not only an outward appearance, functional, safety building for who use there and also they are designing the precious time of their life. ("Toki" means "time" in Japanese)

Also, they value the playground, which give children for free play and growing magnificent imagination.

It had been over 30 years, Toki Architectural office and their designs are still developing with customer.