Hajime Tsuruta


Hajime Tsuruta is the founder of NRC Architecture & Design Office Inc, which was established in 2008. 

Following the founding of his company, he has worked to cement his position as a renowned planner and designer of entertainment facilities such as Japanese casino halls, and has become the most prominent person in the Japanese and wider Asian region's gaming industry. 

Drawing from the long history of the Japanese gaming industry which began following the Second World War, Hajime and his team have developed a unique focus on using architecture to reduce the negative social impacts of gaming - an innovative theme that has placed them at the forefront of commercial architectural design.

Lately, he and his team in NRC are focusing not only on gaming facilities but also on other commercial facilities, including developing small residences national wide. These residences continue to reflect the unique character of Hajime's works, as well as his vision to enhance the Japonesque sense of style-inspiration for which he finds comes from his very nature.

1974  Born in Japan
2008  Established NRC Architecture & Design Office

1999  Architectural study in Roma, Italy  
2000  University of Oregon, School of Arts Design and Architecture, Department of Architecture(bachelor of Architecture)
2016  Doctoral studies at Tokyo Institute of technology, Department of Architecture/ Environment and society, researching Japan IR (Integrated resort) Project

・Excellent Project Award by IG kougyou(JPN)
・Excellence in designing house supported by the Japanese government(JPN)
・JCD design award (JPN)
・American architecture Prize(USA)
and many others

NRC Founder:Hajime Tsuruta
First class qualified architect in Japan
Architectural inspector