Camiel Weijenberg

Camiel Weijenberg, a Dutch-Registered architect in The Netherlands and full scholar now based in Singapore. He graduated from the Architecture Association in London (AA) with a distinction in technical studies. His final year thesis 'The Inter-Relationship between Structural Engineering and Architecture' was presented to the British Engineering Institute, the first time this was ever done.

Soon after graduating in 2005, he started work at Wilkinson Eyre Architects (WEA) in London for several years. One of WEA’s works includes Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, a new urban park in the heart of Singapore encompassing several super trees and two large conservatories. The project was awarded the global building of the year in 2012 at World Architecture Festival. He worked mainly on larger projects and bridges such as the 550m suspension bridge in Antwerp and a series of footbridges in New York.

He later joined the London office of Zaha Hadid Architects in 2007, the world-renowned architect who was the first female to win the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Award. During his four years at the firm, he was involved in an extensive range of projects (residential, commercial, airport terminals, extensions, high-rise buildings and an opera house) in North Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the Middle East, Taiwan, Korea and China.

He's currently working on a diverse range of projects across Asia. The office also engages in research and humanity projects alongside its core design work, further exploring the notion of crafting the traditional and the relationship between structure and element in Singapore. 

The office strives to create a holistic design approach which touches on the various components and inter-relationship of the project while maintaining coherence to its physical and cultural context.